Blog & Website Design

We are full-service design consultants, offering branding, logo design, deliverables and website creation.

Blog design is one of our favorite tasks because it’s such an interactive experience.

Whether you’re a one-person blog looking for a Blogger-to-Wordpress conversion, or a company needing an experienced blogging professional to develop and implement a corporate blog strategy, we’ve experienced and done it all (and yes, we do recommend Thesis).

Starting a blog can be daunting… and that’s coming from a team with multiple sites under their belts. Make sure that whomever you’re hiring is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to helping see you through the entire process.

For bloggers: nothing says that you’re a professional like a beautifully designed, easy to use site on WordPress. People DO notice, especially when it is so much easier to use (and the SEO benefits are nothing to scoff at, either!). Not only will you rank higher in Google, but you’ll have the confidence you need to succeed. Learn more about our Blogger Training and get the traffic and recognition you deserve.

For brands: Bad websites that are messy, poorly linked, not optimized for search engines and are lacking an overall look and feel for branding have been proven to not convert sales like their counterparts. We can take you through every step – from eye-catching and engaging branding to an easy to use Content Management System and SSL authority. We’ll also help you get a corporate blog up that is not only something you’ll want to write – it’ll be something your customers – past, present and future – will want to read.